This is our most popular detail which can be completed in 1 - 2 days. An intense cleanse of the vehicle is performed to remove any contamination and then a single stage machine polish using a light refinishing polish is performed to correct minor defects such as light swirl marks.  Deeper imperfections will remain but the detail will significantly improve the overall appearance of the vehicle giving it a glossy finish and more vibrant colour depth.


  • Wheels Cleaned including faces, inner barrels and behind the spokes
  • Citrus pre-wash to lower body, door shuts and sills
  • Wheel Arches cleaned and pressure rinsed
  • Snow Foam Pre-Wash applied to remove lose particles of dirt
  • Two bucket PH Neutral safe wash performed
  • Full decontamination of the body from Iron Fallout and Tar
  • Clay decontamination process performed to remove any further hidden contaminants
  • Final rinse completed and then plush towels used to dry the vehicle
  • Blow dry performed on the wheels and hard to reach areas to remove remaining water
  • Trim is masked to protect from damage or polish transfer during the machine polishing stage
  • Single stage machine polish is performed using fine compounds and pads to the bodywork and lights.
  • Bodywork is then air blown to remove dust particles from the polishing
  • Paintwork wiped down using Panel Wipe to ensure protective coatings form a perfect bond with your car’s paintwork.
  • Sealant applied to paintwork to add a layer of protection (upgrades are available to premium waxes or ceramic coatings)
  • Tyres and Trim dressed
  • Brightwork and Tailpipes polished and protected where necessary
  • Glass Cleaned and Sealed

Recommended for Vehicles:

That have been maintained to a good level. That are in need of brightening. New vehicles where there are minor defects in the paint from the manufacturing and shipping process. Show vehicles that need refreshing before being displayed. 

Duration: 1 - 2 Days

Price: From £350*

* Please note the price of the detail depends on the size and condition of the vehicle upon inspection.

Optional Extras:

  • Basic Interior Valet £20+  (Hoover to carpets, plastics cleaned and dressed)
  • Premium Interior Valet £60+ (Hoover to carpets, plastics cleaned and dressed, Wet Vac to carpets, Leather Cleaned and Condintioned)
  • Engine Bay Clean £30+
  • Convertible Fabric Roof Cleaning £30+

Protection Upgrades: 

  • Convertible Roof Protection - Gtechniq Smart Fabric £60+
  • Alloy Wheels Ceramic Coated - Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour - £60 (Facias) or £180 (Wheels removed and all areas of the wheel coated)
  • Glass sealant upgrade - Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision to all exterior glass - £60
  • Smart Fabric to interior - Floor Mats £20 / Seats £40
  • Premium Wax Upgrade - £60+
  • Gtechniq Ceramic Bodywork Coating upgrade - Gtechniq C1 £95+ or Gtechniq C1 and EXO £180+
  • Gtechniq Ceramic Bodywork Coating upgrade - Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light £185+ or Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and EXO £250+
  • Gtechniq Ceramic Bodywork Coating upgrade - Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra £285+ or Gtechniq Crystal Serum and EXO £395+

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